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Gun Fit

It was a beautiful Texas winter afternoon. My buddy, his wife and I went out shooting at the range. Again, a beautiful day and great company!! The idea was to have her shoot the new Sig P320, a wedding anniversary gift from my buddy. But that’s another story.

The story is how the different guns we shot fit into her hand. She went out and shot her new Sig. In fact, the anniversary gift was to replace another gun she couldn´t get used to, a GLOCK. But that’s yet another story.

The Sig P320 has a high profile and its grip tends to sit higher in the shooter´s hand. It requires a slight adjustment in the grip so that the curved part of the handgun´s grip fits comfortably in the web of the shooter´s hand. She was used to (without any conscious adjustment on her part) gripping her Springfield 1911 easily, a larger handgun than the Sig. She found the Sig to have a relatively comfortable fit and its trigger to be smooth and easy to squeeze. All in all, the Sig P320 was a good replacement for her GLOCK.

Even though she did pretty well with her new Sig, she kept coming back to her 1911. Noticing she was comfortable with a larger gun, I let her use my XDM. Man, did she like that!! Now my buddy needs to buy two XDM´s. The one for his collection AND her new object of desire!

In conclusion, the fit of any gun will make the shooter not only more comfortable, but also more accurate and more likely to shoot it, which in turn will make him/her even more accurate. Goes to show that smaller guns are not necessarily the best solution for our female shooters. We should carry and shoot the guns that we are most comfortable shooting, because we will shoot better with them.


Tannerite Car Blast!

I had no idea Tannerite could be this devastating!

GunsAddict is now an NSSF Media Member

We are proud to announce that GunsAddict is now an NSSF Media Member. NSSF (the National Shooting Sports Foundation) is the trade association for America's firearms industry. Its mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. The NSSF is also the organizer of the annual SHOT Show, the premier Firearms Industry trade show in the U.S.

GunsAddict is proud to be a member of this fine organization, and invites you to visit their website for more information on all of their activities, events, and programs.


Glocktober Photo Contest

Glock is celebrating October with their Glocktober Photo Contest. 

Submit a photo that represents Glock and October and be featured on Glock's Facebook Page and Halloween special.

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Zorin Denu and GunWebsites have also joined the fun with several supporters, and are giving away nice prize-packs!

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